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new newgrouds

2012-02-11 22:33:08 by jomarcenter

the new newgrounds design made more premium than the older version of the site...
new games soon...

twitter account got hacked

2012-01-29 00:32:54 by jomarcenter

jomarcenter twitter was hacked today!!! all jomarcenter account had change the password...

we are trying to upload our stop sopa photo and more here (at least they only blackout one part of the site...)

even newground is blackout we still updating our newgrounds page

jomarcenter is back

2012-01-17 07:38:26 by jomarcenter

hello jomarcenter is back from an slumber...
that right more new game and more things going to happen on jomarcenter...

i may stop

2011-01-15 22:13:56 by jomarcenter

ok i may stop using that crappy newground game factory 2 and switch to different flash game maker and add my game logo to that game : )
note may stop shoot the ball update

i may stop